i Marigliano

Dolciaria Marigliano was founded in the 2006. It is a company specialized in the production of pastries, guided by the experience of Giovanni and by the talent and creativity of Alessandro Marigliano.

Giovanni and Alessandro are united by the desire to create a high quality artisanal confectionery product that is able to move people and at the same time, to get them acquainted with the wonderful aromas, scents and colors of their native land.

Thanks to a careful and continuous search, a line of product was born, where creativity and tradition combine in perfect harmony. The delicacies offered are numerous: cakes belonging to the Neapolitan tradition which have been revisited and modernized, new and inimitable pastry inventions, delicious single-serves to celebrate sweet moments, innovative desserts served in jars and glasses and the worldwide famous artisanal Italian gelato. But the Marigliano offer does not end here!

The two brothers came up also with an entire line of colombe and panettoni made with sourdough (as it is their family’s tradition), made with top notch ingredients, as all the products in their catalogue are

The raw materials and the land

The Marigliano philosophy can be summed up in few words: to create a natural and high quality product; that’s why we pay particular attention to the choice of raw materials. The non-use of preservatives and hydrogenated fats enables us to create a genuine product of high quality and continuous perfection.

The territory of the Vesuvius National Park is their best “supplier”; with its typical natural products, it allows them to use excellent raw materials and to celebrate the flavors and scents that their generous land offers.

Our packaging